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Explore Our Pricing Options:

1. Pay-as-You-Go:
   $10 per hour (No Membership Required)
   Enjoy flexible access at an affordable rate.
2. Day Pass:
    $25 per day: Ideal for a full day of gaming excitement.
3. Annual Membership:
    $20 annual fee: Unlock exclusive benefits, including a $10 bonus in your account.

Members-Only Device Rates:

.  I7/1080/144hz: $3.2 per hour
.  I9/2080/240hz: $4.5 per hour
.  I9/3080/360hz: $6.5 per hour
.  Console (2 controllers included): $5 per hour
   .  Additional controllers: $2 per hour each

Special Occasions Deserve Special Packages:

Party Packages (prebook only):
.  Customizable options available
.  Contact us at for inquiries and reservations

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