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Click Esports offers franchise opportunity within Canada. For more details and start-up requirement, please contact our franchise team via

Why us?

There are so many reasons to join Click Esports!

  • Professional digital infrastructure

  • Low labour and overhead cost compared to most other franchise opportunities

  • Branded packaging, menus and graphics

  • Custom software that is designed to manage everyday business 

  • Comprehensive training, excellent resources, and ongoing support​





Opportunity for Growth

Gaming is the world’s fastest-growing form of entertainment and we’ve merely at the beginning. Being a Click Esports Franchisee provide you an opportunity to achieve your business dream with the fastest growth in the future.



Strong Support 


We help our franchisees to maximize their potential by providing them with our outstanding support. We believe the best way to become a top franchise brand starts with continual support to our franchisees. From the time you sign your franchise agreement, you are part of the Click Esports family. Our processes, team members, and

resources are all in perfect alignment to deliver the

education, motivation and continual support to successfully

launch a brand-new Click Esports Gaming Center and

continue on for the life of your business.We help our

franchisees to build the network, server and install

computers before they open the door. We offer 24/7

technical support via online chat, remote control or

even on-site service after the business is open.


















Qaulity Food Supply   

We provide our franchisees with comprehensive training on food/drink preparation.
Our menu offers delicious, healthy and quality food, fresh brewed bubble tea and assorted snacks.


Over 30 flavours of bubble tea 

5 different chef specialty ramen soup

4 kinds of tasty rice bento

Over hundred of snacks

More food and drinks in development




Product Quality and Innovation

Our dedicated Research & Development team is constantly testing and evaluating the new technology, equipment, games, food, drinks and merchandise to enhance the gaming centre, increase sales for your business and, ultimately, meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers.





Partner Brand Power


Our strong vendor relationship and reliable resources from the corporate level ensures franchisees a quality product at an efficient price.

We help our franchisee to organize and host events and tournaments, increasing the traffic to your business.



Our Story

Click Esports was first opened in 2018 in Ottawa by a group of lifelong

gamers who would like to build a gaming community for local gamers.

In the past few years, we spend time to understand what customers

need, find out how we can do better, build strong relationships with our

partners, sponsors, and vendors. We found now it’s time to help more

people to achieve their business success by starting a franchise in

one of the world’s fastest -growing industries. Our experience will be

the best guarantee to the franchisee. Would like to know more about us?

Visit us on our social media or contact our franchise team via the provided email.

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