welcome to occc. (ottawa clicks cs:go club)
Attention all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players of Ottawa. Click eSports is now offering high quality coaching and training for those interested in ONLINE leagues and local tournaments in CS:GO. We are looking for the next great talent to represent our various teams at Click, so come to our public training sessions. All are welcome, regardless of whether you are a casual, amateur, or professional player.

we game seriously !!!

public training time :
every friday night 6pm
casual :
for anyone who showES interest in esports and the game
additional details : 
  • free to sign up public training 
  • FREE coaching services during the training sessions 
  • club PACKAGE RATE for using Click eSports’ COMPUTERS
requirementS : 
  • NICE PERSONALITY AND Good communication with OTHERS
  • follow coach's instructionS and team plans 
  • play for the team AND ignore personal score
amateur team :
for players WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT cs:go and LOOKING FOR MORE serious game play in a DEDICATED team
additional details:
  • scheduled weekly team training 
  • assigned team coach 
  • signed up online leagues 
  • signed up local tournaments 
requirements : 
  • monthly club subscriptions 
  • show up on time in public & team training
  • show up on time for all signed up online leagues & local tournaments (on site)
  • fully follow coach's instructions and team plans
pro team : 
for players who really showed their exceptional talent in our amateur team and desire a career in esports
additional details: 
  • pro level team management and coaching
  • sponsored by CLICK ESPORTS depends on contract
requirementS :
  • no absence on any lan or online signed up league and tournaments
  • a contract will be signed between the player and team click